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You are warmly invited to join a loving session to deepen intimacy into our lives. No previous experience required.

Taste of Tantra is a 2.5 interactive beginner workshop that will expand your consciousness around intimacy, sacred sensuality and sexual energy. This workshop is a preview of our 6 hour tantra ceremony The Tantra Awakening Experience.  

Tantra is a total mind, body & spiritual connection, allowing you to tap into personal empowerment, self-love, healing, spiritual growth & mystical experiences. Unlike other traditions that view the body as dangerous and sinful, Tantra sees the body for the pure pleasure it can produce, as well as a channel to the Divine.

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to drop into your body to awaken all your senses so you can feel more, be authentic and ask for what you desire, as well as be vulnerable enough to be truly seen. Ultimately, you’ll learn how to approach intimacy as a ritual & love-making as a worship to connect on a more profound level.

Through a series of sensually playful practices, you will learn how to:

* Get out of your head by connecting through breathwork
* Connect our hearts to release oxytocin and feel love & bonding
* Get out of the left brain state & into the right: feeling, experiencing & pleasure
* Move your sexual energy via Orgasmic Meditation through all your chakras
* Rouse dormant Kundalini energy to aid in awakening your inner serpent
* Appreciate the deliciousness of slowing down & being completely present to savor the journey
* Learn to give & receive a sensual Tantric Touch Meditation

Image by Susan Wilkinson

This workshop normally goes for $130 per person 

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Two Dates Only

San Diego

Thursday, May 26
7:00 - 9 :30pm

San Francisco

Thursday, June 2
7:00 - 9 :30pm
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