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You are warmly invited to join this profound Tantric workshop to deepen intimacy in our lives.

Don't worry; no previous experience is required.


Tantra is a total mind, body & spiritual connection, allowing you to tap into personal empowerment, self-love, healing, spiritual growth & mystical experiences. Unlike other traditions that view the body as dangerous and sinful, Tantra sees the body for the pure pleasure it can produce, as well as a channel to the Divine.

In this workshop, you'll learn how to drop into your body to awaken all your senses, & learn to safely feel more sensitivity, pleasure, and orgasmic energy.  We’ll exercise our expression in being authentic to ask for what we really desire, as well as be vulnerable enough to be truly seen. We’ll explore with new ways to approach intimacy as a ritual & love-making as worship to connect on a more profound level with one another.

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Experience the Magic of Tantra in the
Mayan Jungles of México

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Through a series of sensually playful practices,

you will learn how to:

🧘🏼 Get out of your head by connecting through breathwork

🧘🏽 Connect our hearts to release oxytocin and feel love & bonding

🧘🏾 Get out of the left brain state & into the right: feeling, experiencing, pleasure & believing anything is possible 

🧘🏿 Harness the power of sex magick and how to set intentions before intimacy for manifestation

🧘🏻‍♀️ Rouse dormant Kundalini energy to aid in awakening your inner Shakti 

🧘🏽‍♀️ Appreciate the deliciousness of slowing down & being completely present to savor the journey 

🧘🏿‍♀️ Safe space to challenge any shame around sensuality 

🧘‍♂️ Experience the balance of the Masculine and the Feminine as our energies merge through breathing

🧘‍♀️ Expand each chakra as we circulate our sexual energy individually in the presence of your partner.

🧘🏻‍♂️ Learn to cultivate and transmute sexual energy into creative endeavors with our Sex Magick Ritual

                      AND MUCH MUCH MORE...

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 All activities and exercises will be completely guided in a safe and nurturing environment. Light snacks and fruits will be provided at the end of the ceremony.


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Medellin, Colombia

I would recommend anyone to take this step and participate. In case you fail and can't manage to lower your guard, you will at least see other people who can do so and you'll have your real example right there. It's best to imagine yourself winning- in this case, you can experience something different from your routine and it will stay with you when you walk out. For me, it's in the sensation of peace and tranquility around men. After this workshop, I feel stronger, but in a feminine way. Also, I feel that somehow I don't need to pretend anymore. 


Thank you very much for doing this work! You help combat the fear of the unknown and support those who are willing to be more open. I am very proud of myself and of the people who visit you both Thank you very much for doing this work! You help combat the fear of the unknown and support those who are willing to be more open. I am very proud of myself and of the people who visit you both because we want to be better and make other also feel better. Dear Zipporah, you and your performance is amazing! I are an inspiration and I bet you will continue to inspire a lot of women to permit themselves to feel the passion and less dramatic. Thank you very much to you and Sebastian. Hope to see you again in Medellín soon! 

Playa del Carmen, Mx

This Tantra workshop is the perfect opportunity to go into a journey to let go of the mind and dive into your body to feel it, release trauma and elevate your spirit to another level.  And WOW! You really moved all my energy into a beautiful place. It was amazing. My body is very grateful for giving it the opportunity to be totally opened and allowing my sexual energy to flow freely without shame or judgement. The next morning, the flow of alignment of my energy was still moving in me like water. We are just a wave in the sea of the Universe.

Medellín, Colombia

It was a great experience and training. Actually, one of the best experiences and events in these past months. The environment was great, I felt safe and free to express everything. It was also feeling of a fulfillment after it. You will enrich yourself with new positive feelings and knowledge about yourself. You should try it.

Our ceremony participants are key to the success of all the different Experiences we share with the Spiritual Community. We love to receive feedback from our guests and share them with our tribe. Keep reading to find out what they’re saying about
The Tantra Awakening Experience..

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San Diego, CA

"It is simply an incredible experience and one that will leave you feeling amazing, renewed, refreshed, and leaving you definitely wanting more.  You find a connection with yourself that you don't realize you have.  A force and a sense of peace.  A deep connection to meaning.  A F&%*ing worth it journeys to begin.  


I LOVED it and would love to do it again! I felt so comfortable, easy to express emotions or feelings, and easy to open up.  You both were phenomenal, the whole time I was there I felt "home."  I'm still replaying the ceremony in my head, the friendships built, the practices learned... So many wonderful emotions come up with thinking about it all and I just simply cannot express enough or with better wording how grateful I am for you (and especially Sebastian-for bringing it to my attention and inviting me to attend-thank you) ...... I SERIOUSLY ENJOYED IT ALL!!!!  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Playa del Carmen, Mx

"I could feel that I was safe and I was being guided on a journey beyond the senses. That I could open up myself and express myself without judging. Even for those who are not used to consuming cannabis, this event was incredible because not only this plant was used in a sacred way that just allowed us to be more present, but it also helped the group to be integrated. All different dynamics happened as a journey, that took us away from our minds, and back to the place we belong, of oneness. And it was magical to explore our full potential using Breathwork and touch. I highly appreciated that during the S3x Magick ritual, we all did it individually and together, so we could really get in tune with our own energy.  Also so we could access the Akashic Records.  I definitely appreciated that all the partner work we did had boundaries and no nudity was mandatory.


Thank you very much! For me, it was very special to have you both as our facilitators. I could feel the love coming from both of you and the care of holding space. I would love to be part of other workshops like that, involving Breathwork and connection-creation.”

San Diego, CA

I want to start by saying that Zipporah and Sebastian created a safe and very secure space with very welcoming hearts. They intuitively guided a very intimate group into a whole new space and it included a plethora of what felt like a delightful mix of peacefulness, safe, engaging, insightful and playful, including some surprises. Overall very fun! Also, they intuitively integrated Cannabis and breathwork, which was quite amazing! Overall the experience was satisfying & powerful, leaving me to feel a deeper inner connection with my Higher Self. Zipporah and Sebastian are truly authentic and enlightened teachers. My heart is full and eternally grateful to the both of them for this unforgettable and life-changing experience!!



If you're coming solo and worried you won't know anyone — you're in good hands (and good company)!  Many individuals come without knowing anyone and it's a great way to meet new people with similar values and a curiosity for Tantra.


No, this is a beginner's guide to Tantra and sacred sexuality. Whether you have been in the Tantric Scene for years or this will be your first experience with Tantra, prior participants on both spectrums leave having experienced a deeper connection to self and others around their sexuality and intimacy.


If you're a couple and you'd like to come and just work with each other, you're welcome to do that. If you are both open to trying new things and enjoy a lil healthy jealousy to spice things up, then consider switching partners for the activities! No pressure whatsoever :)


Absolutely not! We believe in free will and empowering all members to speak up about what they want and don't want. We go over the importance of having boundaries and exploring conscious sensuality, sexuality and the importance of consent.

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