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Cannabis Psychedelic Experience



Your ultimate trip sitter has arrived 


When Cannabis is used consciously, intentionally, with reverence and in combination with breathwork, it is just as potent as other psychedelic medicines


Clients commonly report experiences that are as euphoric & psychedelic as MDMA, Psilocybin, Ayahuasca and even DMT. The Cannabis Psychedelic Experience can be a perfect visionary plant medicine introduction for individuals who are curious about psychedelics but aren’t quite ready to make the investment or leap to try Ayahuasca. If you are an avid Aya drinker, then consider this experience your next-level of profound, transformational healing

                            CLIENTS FREQUENTLY REPORT:

🌿 Extreme body awareness

💨 Active imagination and a deep connection with intuition

🌿 Capacity to travel through memory, increased awareness of mental programs, judgements and anxieties leading to resolutions of unhealthy processes

💨 Deeper awareness of emotional processes and activation of emotional discharges leading to release and healing

🌿 Active dreamlike inner visual experience and clear capacity to imagine in a hyper-vivid inner reality

💨 Extreme creative problem solving activation and increased connection to your intuition and your Higher Self

🌿 Feeling a deeper connection with a sense of purpose

💨 Remaining in control and lucid for the whole experience
🌿 Deep muscle relaxation leading to energetic discharges and trauma resolution, including the activation and clearing of the meridian and chakras, facilitating energy movement throughout the body, and profound new levels of nervous system regulation

💨 Capacity to travel through past memory, increased awareness of mental programs, judgements, limiting beliefs and anxieties leading to resolutions of unhealthy processes

💨 Transpersonal phenomenon is quite common, such as visitations of entities that feel other than the self (ancestors, guides, angels, totems, etc) and deep spiritual states of being and non-being that more closely resemble unity consciousness and profound connections with the divine

🌿 A deep sense of presence, as opposed to being dissociative, or “out there” or “somewhere else”

💨 Developing a sense of agency in life, feeling more in control of life situations and having more choice, feeling a deeper connection with their sense of purpose




𓂀 Experienced psychonauts who are curious about how cannabis can be a rocket ship to achieve higher states of consciousness to enter into a psychedelic trance

𓂀 Individuals new to psychedelics who want to journey with a powerful and safe medicine

𓂀 Individuals who have tried traditional therapies and have not been satisfied with the results

𓂀Individuals who are suffering from depression, PTSD, anxiety, trauma, and feelings of meaninglessness

𓂀 Individuals who believe in the power of psychedelic medicines to heal trauma on an individual and societal level and want to learn how to incorporate this into their meditation practice at home

Virtual ceremony for a group of 11 friends
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