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An Airbnb Experience

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This is an introductory 2 hour Tantric interactive workshop for singles or couples wanting to explore what Tantra is all about in a safe container. Zipporah provides Tantric Coaching around the different types of intimacy practices and exercises one can implement into their lives with partners and friends to deepen connections and relationships.

This Airbnb Experience moves with Zipporah. Get on the Waiting List for your city now.

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Jessica does a tremendous job of introducing her guest to the world of tantra. As a new practitioner, I was introduced to many new exercises to connect to my primal essence and energy source. Jessica will make you feel comfortable and safe to where you can “go deep” into the practices. Highly recommended!

NewYork City

“Jessica is amazing! My boyfriend and I both really enjoyed this taste of tantra experience. Jessica is so warm and really helped us feel comfortable. You could tell she put a lot of thought and effort into planning this experience and it really catered to all of our senses. I’ve always been curious about tantra and this was the best introduction into it that I could have asked for. If you’re even slightly curious - book this !”

Toledo, OH

“Jessica is a very welcoming and genuine host. This experience definitely helped me get out of my head and connect more with my body. Not having practiced Tantra, I didn’t really know what to expect but Jessica was very prepared and gave a nice explanation for each practice we performed. With Jessica’s guidance I was able to disconnect from my head and obtain the best breathing results ever. Would definitely recommend this to anyone who needs to reconnect with their body and spirit.”


“I wasn't sure what to expect from taking part in the experience. I heard the word Tantra before and that's pretty much it. I was very positively surprised. If you are an open-minded person it might be really profound experience for you. I thought it will strictly be a spiritual practice but it is more practical and useful in real life than I expected. It doesn't end with one session because techniques I learned I can use by myself and I think everyone should know them. It would change so many relationships for the better. I will be visiting Jessica again with my girlfriend. I just know it will help us to connect more with each other, and that's really powerful.”

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