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Channel Your Sensual Energy and Connect To Your Life Force for a Tantra Awakening

What if I told you that through activating your pleasure, you could touch the source of all consciousness and create the life you deeply desire? 

Through the ancient practice of Tantra, we are transformed from mere bodies into divine creators. We use this powerful energy as a bridge of receptivity, allowing for infinite intelligence to caress its way into our experience. 


One basic principle of Manifestation is that there is a divine flow of consciousness that is constantly inviting us to surrender. Through the physical and mental dedication to Tantric work, we can release ourselves into this stream and expand into the fullest expression of our Higher Self.

During The Tantra Awakening Experience, we surrender into this unseen current that merely awaits our embrace. 


Tuesday, February 14 : Puerto Morelos, Mx 

Thursday, February 16 : Playa del Carmen, Mx



March 2023


This Day Retreat is designed to gently guide you through the steps of connecting with yourself and your/a partner within a safe & intimate container  


We begin with theory. It’s important to not only understand the philosophy of Tantra but to also understand the science behind each of the practices in order to lay the foundation upon which knowledge can grow.

We will explore common blocks that keep us stuck in the same patterns.


Through tantric breathwork, we will activate kundalini energy. This will thrust us into a higher state of consciousness where the transformation begins. 


You will be guided through dynamic meditations intended to increase your sensitivity to arousal. 


We will dive into my secret solo Sex Magick Ritual where you are blindfolded and are elevated into a ​​sensorium of cosmic ecstasy that will...… shhh… it's a secret! 

And oh… oh… oh… so much more… 

Through this inner-course, you will learn to let go into the passion of an open heart

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Experience the Magic of Tantra in the
Mayan Jungles of México

By The End Of This Tantric Transmission ,
You Will Learn:

How to awaken your sensuality and desire with confidence

How to reignite intimacy and passion with your partner and within yourself

How to rejuvenate your concept of pleasure whether it’s solo work or with a partner


How to get out of your mind by awakening your senses to use your inherent wisdom to guide you

How to curate your own rituals at home while utilizing the tools learned in the program

How to work with medicinal herbs and elixirs to enhance your metaphysical senses

How to reclaim sacred sexuality while incorporating playfulness and spirituality during intimacy


 All activities and exercises will be completely guided
in a safe and nurturing environment

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Tantra is much more than the attainment of becoming a better lover or multiorgasmic.

Tantra seeks to channel your sacred sexual energy within ritualistic practices that will transform your life into greater joy, love, self discovery, bliss and liberation.

It is time to unlock and reawaken these ancient secrets so that you can add these tools to your intimacy arsenal.

Meet us there… 

Tuesday, February 14
Day Retreat

Lunita Jungle Hotel, Puerto Morelos

Come join us this Valentine’s Day for The Tantra Awakening Experience nestled in the heart of the Mayan jungle. 


“Lean in to kiss me in all the places where the ache is the most special.

— Sanober Khan


Transform your love making from a fizzle to a sizzle!

Create love, make love, be in love as you're engulfed by the erotic charge of the jungle.

If you’re flirting with the idea of a couple’s retreat, this is the opportunity to bring your sexy back. Elevate your connection to your partner while exploring the enticing jungle and each other. During this unique stay, we will tickle your senses as we take you through a series of tantric methods that will leave you feeling ahhhh-mazing. 


For you single or soul-o crusaders, don’t be shy as the jungle waits to seduce you too. This practice is about deepening your self love and learning how to enhance your future intimate encounters. And you never know, your Tarzan or Jane could be one seat away…


But hurry, this event sells out quickly and there’s limited accommodations available onsite. 


Come and create your bliss

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What's included in my ticket?

- Tantra workshop training and ceremony

- Round trip Shuttle service from Puerto Morelos Colectivo stop

(unless you stay the night with us)

- A decadent 3-course dinner (refreshments not included)

-Snacks and tantric dessert  




Goddess Circle Ceremony (women-only)

Join us on February 23 at the Jungle Healing Center - Casa Mama Yemi - where we’ll be exploring our wild, primal, and sensual selves. A place of sisterhood where we can all surrender into the softness, safety, comfort and healing embrace of other women. A divine opportunity to honor the Sacred Feminine by awakening our Goddess within through ancient tantric practices. When we combine our collective feminine energy under the moonlight in ritual, Universal forces unlock our innate magick and amplify our intentions into a vortex of complete bliss and love. So powerfully familiar that you may realize that you have been a Tantrika all along...


Do. you dare to find out?



 Tune into your orgasmic energy alongside other Diosas at

The Tantra Awakening Experience 

What's included in my ticket?

- Tantra workshop training and ceremony

- Round trip Shuttle service from Playa meeting point and Tulum Colectivos

 -Snacks, tantric dessert & refreshments


Shuttle meetup Time: 3:00pm

Ceremony Start: 4:00pm

Leave on the shuttle by 10:30pm

Bed & Breakfast is available at my house.

Limited to 5 spots!

Vegetarian-friendly and pool onsite. Message me for more info 

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I had the opportunity to have a kundalini awakening and feel my body unfold in a way I had not felt before. I felt guided at all times and taken care of as well. I highly recommend this experience to anyone who is seeking a cosmic experience of pure energy and joy.                        ~Estefania  Sacred Valley, Peru

It was an orgasmic ceremony that allowed me to integrate many past experiences and wounds. After this ceremony, I felt my body, mind and spirit blossom. Zipporah thanks for your presence, for me you are the Queen of the Jungle! Aho!                  ~Lorenzo  Sacred Valley, Peru

What I really loved about my experience with Zipporah is how much passion and excitement she has for what she does. I really appreciated that she wanted to share all the tools and knowledge that helped her along her own journey and I could sense it was coming from a place of love. 

The course gave me great insight into the world of tantra and has made me want to explore it more ever since.
                 ~Suava  Sacred Valley, Peru

I learned a new way to reactivate my sacral chakra and to motivate me throughout the day to give me that push & go the extra step. I was able to take these techniques and practice them with a partner. We had the most amazing cosmic sex, where I felt like our souls left our bodies and were dancing in the cosmos.          ~Danyl, Sacred Valley, Peru

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Medellin, Colombia

After this workshop, I felt a sensation of peace and tranquility around men. I feel stronger, but in a feminine way. Also, I feel that somehow I don't need to pretend anymore. Thank you for helping us combat the fear of the unknown and support those who are willing to be more open sensually.

Playa del Carmen, Mx

This Tantra workshop is the perfect opportunity to go into a journey to let go of the mind and dive into your body to feel it, release trauma and elevate your spirit to another level. My body is very grateful for giving it the opportunity to be totally opened and allowing my sexual energy to flow freely without shame or judgement. 

Medellín, Colombia

It was a great experience and training. Actually, one of the best experiences and events in these past months. The environment was great, I felt safe and free to express everything. It was also feeling of a fulfillment after it. You will enrich yourself with new positive feelings and knowledge about yourself. You should try it.

Our ceremony participants are key to the success of all the different Experiences we share with the Spiritual Community. We love to receive feedback from our guests and share them with our tribe. Keep reading to find out what they’re saying about
The Tantra Awakening Experience..

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San Diego, CA

"It is simply an incredible experience and one that will leave you feeling amazing, renewed, refreshed, and leaving you definitely wanting more.  You find a connection with yourself that you don't realize you have.  A force and a sense of peace.  A deep connection to meaning.  A F&%*ing worth it journey to begin.  

Playa del Carmen, Mx

"I could feel that I was safe and I was being guided on a journey beyond the senses. That I could open up myself and express myself without judging.  All different dynamics happened as a journey, that took us away from our minds, and back to the place we belong; of oneness. And it was magical to explore our full potential using Breathwork and touch. I definitely appreciated that all the partner work we did had boundaries and no nudity was mandatory.

San Diego, CA

This was intuitively guided in a very intimate group into a whole new space and it included a plethora of what felt like a delightful mix of peacefulness, safe, engaging, insightful and playful, including some surprises. The integration of Cannabis and breathwork, was quite amazing! Overall the experience was satisfying & powerful, leaving me to feel a deeper inner connection with my Higher Self. Thank you for this unforgettable and life-changing experience!!




If you're coming solo and worried you won't know anyone — you're in good hands (and good company)!  Many individuals come without knowing anyone and it's a great way to meet new people with similar values and a curiosity for Tantra.


No, this is a beginner's guide to Tantra and sacred sexuality. Whether you have been in the Tantric Scene for years or this will be your first experience with Tantra, prior participants on both spectrums leave having experienced a deeper connection to self and others around their sexuality and intimacy.


If you're a couple and you'd like to come and just work with each other, you're welcome to do that. If you are both open to trying new things and enjoy a lil healthy jealousy to spice things up, then consider switching partners for the activities! No pressure whatsoever :)


Absolutely not! We believe in free will and empowering all members to speak up about what they want and don't want. We go over the importance of having boundaries and exploring conscious sensuality, sexuality and the importance of consent.


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The High Priestess

How each person comes to find their path in life is a unique tale. It’s one that’s never smooth and is often fraught with challenges and doubt. However, the unwavering ones come out with new skin and a fresh perspective. 

Zipporah was once living the all too common 9-5 working at a tech startup in Silicon Valley. She was shackled to a meaningless routine that did nothing more than pay the bills. Her romantic encounters were even more abysmal and void of true connection. In a world that was so “connected,” she felt the extreme opposite. Desires and dreams that she once had seemed to fade with each passing day until she soon realized that a drastic change was the only way out. 

And as the old spiritual saying goes, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” 

One day, she received a soul calling and decided to give it all up. Letting go of everything that society, her family and modern culture thought she should be, do and have. She  gave up her salary job for digital remote work, sold all her belongings and returned to her ancestral motherland of Colombia. Zipporah began doing the deepest work of her life through her exploration of sacred plant medicines. It was her intention to connect with the ancient wisdom the earth had to offer. Through this spiritual mission, she felt the next call to come out of the sensual closet with her passion for Tantra. Once she witnessed her own transformation, she felt that she had no choice but to share it with others. The ultimate act of love. 

Having a religious upbringing in a culture that treats sex as sinful and taboo, she is keenly aware of the fears, shame, guilt, trauma and negative programming around sexuality.  The continual process of healing and shedding layers of her false self to embody her true authentic nature has given others touched by Zipporah the inspiration, permission and courage to do the same. 

Zipporah is an international Tantra practitioner offering Tantra Massage Therapies, tantra workshops and private coaching (live and virtual), as well as shamanic ceremonies within Colombia, Mexico, United States. 

Her passion is providing safe and intimate containers for people to freely practice vulnerability, experimentation and to explore their shadowy aspects of sexuality, within her loving and attentive support. Zipporah’s superpower is channeling her vibrant energy and sexual magic to craft profoundly healing and metaphysical experiences to assist others along their own awakening journey.

Zipporah simultaneously facilitates Conscious Cannabis Ceremonies in the form of different awakened experiences: The Ancestral Experience, The Tantra Awakening Experience, The Pink Floyd Experience. Within the sacred container of group and private ceremonies, Zipporah educates others around how to safely use ancestral plant medicines as tools to connect with Higher Intelligence.  She teaches a conscious, intentional & ritualistic approach to connect with the feminine essence of Cannabis. Simultaneously, re-establishing the dignity back in the plant spirit's name. 


Professional Training Includes: 

- ISTA Graduate of Spiritual, Sexual and Shamanic training 

- Tantric Massage Therapies & Conscious Sexuality Certification

- Kashmiri Tantra Massage

- Various Psalm Isadora Tantra Courses

- Thai Foot Reflexology

- Ancient Egyptian Reiki Certification